Color theory and its importance

The field of graphic design requires you to understand color, and with good reason. If you can’t understand how color works, it would make digital designing very hard to accomplish. Knowing color systems not only applies to many different aspects of life, but it teaches us how to use colors correctly. In my junior year of high school, my photography, physics, and psychology classes all covered color systems. By the time I had started school at Southeast Technical Institute, it was already drilled into my head.

If you are eager to learn about how color works, or just need a reminder, there’s only a little information you need to understand. When we mix paint or simply print, we are using the subtractive color method.  Everything adds together to make colors darker. When working with the additive color system, we refer to adding colors and getting lighter as a result. A couple of the greatest examples of additive color include monitor screens and lights.

When it comes to science, printing, lighting, mixing paints, and more, it’s always a great idea to remember color theory. For more information and imagery, I recommend visiting:

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