Typefaces and purpose

In the modern world of graphic design, learning appropriate typefaces should be a basic understanding. Yet despite years of new fonts and techniques, there’ll always be a pizza shop or a small business that decided using papyrus for their logo is a good idea. In my current course, design development, we covered the importance of choosing the right font for the job. A font (typeface) should always reflect the message or overall theme of the composition it is being used within.

Gothic, old English, and serif fonts should be used in only a manner where it appears to work. The same goes for any modern, themed, or sanserif fonts. To create a purpose with typography means to find and make the best possible choices in order to create visual unity. To earn more credit as a graphic designer, I would recommend downloading fonts as opposed to the standard set that everyone with Microsoft Word has access to. Every typeface has its time and purpose, its just a matter of deciding when that moment is.

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