Student Day 2018

Attending Student Day 2018 was a blast! Hosted at the Country Club of Sioux Falls, Student Day is an event hosted by South Dakota Advertising Federation, that gives college students a chance to talk with workers across the industry. Some of the representatives we spoke to were from Midwest Communications, Lemonly, Media One, and much more. Each company provided a lot of unique and useful information for us to learn. My personal favorite conversation would have to be with Ted Hereen from Fresh Produce. After visiting the company downtown, I am very determined to submit an application for their graphic design internship!

Another fun part of the day would have to be hearing Chad Vander Lugt’s presentation during lunch with my instructor and some of my other classmates. Chad demonstrated a hilarious example of an advertisement that he helped produce. He used his “Tabasco Pizza Barber Quartet” commercial as an example on a controversial scale. The message we were left with was how to find and incorporate the truth into projects, even if it turns out to be a risk.

Overall, Student Day was a great experience for me to attend. I’m glad I was exposed to so many internships opportunities, as well as tips to make my journey into the working world a little less stressful.

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