Physical vs Digital Media/Art

As I’ve grown older, its become more apparent that technology is on the rise. It intrudes into our schools, homes, places of work, and overall can be found anywhere. With an entire country of people staring at their phones for hours on end, I start to wonder if we are too far gone into technology as a whole. As a media design student, there is absolutely no way I can fulfill my obligations without my Mac laptop. Don’t get me wrong: I love using the computer just as much as the next guy. I’ve used the Adobe Creative Cloud to create numerous artistic compositions. But compared to traditional art forms, what makes each side unique?

To make a long topic short, I don’t think physical or digital media has a clearly superior form. Each can coexist with one another in an ever-evolving culture. (At least on the art side of things) However, there are some points I’d like to make. Physical art will always be respected and continued for what is. Painting can be a frustrating, challenging, time-consuming process that still carries on to this day. While it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it still manages to be produced every day. The end result of a painting process creates a one of a kind work of beauty with a remarkable and recognizable style. Appreciated around the world, I think it’s safe to say that painting is here to stay.

Let’s examine the other side. Digital art is a simplified process or a result from different programs that an artist uses. Its benefits include simple fixes, easy coloring, cleanliness, and a relatively shorter challenge. There are many shortcuts that can cut what looks like a very time-consuming process. In almost every way, it seems that digital media should be dominating an artist’s creative work. Yet it somehow doesn’t. Creating compositions is on the rise, but it will never replace anything tangible. Drawing, painting, clay making, and more will always be produced, just as they are respected.


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