Life Reflection (11/19)

Breaking away from the typical posts on art or designing, I thought I’d try something different. My year has been speeding by so fast that I finally stopped to think about how things are going. It is currently a very brief moment in November of 2019 and strikes as a final push to Thanksgiving break for us college kids. I could’ve sworn my school year started yesterday (at least that’s what it feels like). Time sure goes fast when having fun.

I am very humble to be surrounded by other humorous, kind, and creative individuals in my main courses at Southeast Technical Institute. Through challenges and learning processes, I feel more confident and relieved than ever before. Which almost contradicts myself as I’m now remembering I only have roughly six months until I must carry on into the real working world. Nervous? Absolutely. Scared? Nah. I’m nineteen years of age currently, yet I finally feel at peace with where I am heading. I know everything will work out in the end.

Challenges and new opportunities should not be feared, but respected. Becoming an adult has been a confusing rollercoaster that never really got a hold of my attention. Today I can safely say I am not the same person I was years ago. I look at tasks now with ambition and a supporting willpower that tells me: “Hey man. you’ve got this.” So as I sit here finishing one of many blog posts, my mind stays at ease. Faith in the future begins now and continues forever.


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