Local Business Interview – Tawooki

Yesterday, I had the wonderful experience to interview Ted Hamze, owner of Tawooki Mediterranean Chop Chop. The restaurant has been a recent favorite of my family and has quickly become a successful spot for food. The assignment I was given is part of my media writing class homework at Southeast Tech. We were assigned to interview a local business to gather information. Upon hearing the assignment details, I knew I wanted to reach out to Tawooki.

Upon entering, I was greeted with kindness and given a plethora of information. Ted believes that honesty is one of the most important factors in customer relations. From marketing, social media, preparation, to menus, catering, and problem-solving, I got a great insight as to what this restaurant is all about. You can really tell that Tawooki aims to provide authentic Mediterranean food while building a strong connection to their audience.

I had a blast being able to complete this interview, and I can’t wait to utilize the knowledge gained for our next class project. Not only is the insight I got useful for school, but outside a classroom setting as well. Learning honest approaches to marketing and catering to an audience will always be something that graphic designer’s need to hear. Outside of school work, I wanted to show Ted my passion and respect for his restaurant by starting an unfinished design composition I made in my own free time. Take a look:


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