Finding Inspiration

More often than not, it seems that the mind doesn’t stay as actively creative as we’d like it to be. Whether design boundaries are too strict or loose, we feel unmotivated, or we’re simply drawing blanks, I believe that everybody gets a lack of inspiration time to time. This prompted me to create a list of ways I get inspired to share with others. Have a look:

  1.  Browse social media hashtags/accounts
  2. View your previous work (maybe sketches)
  3. Draw the first thing that comes to mind
  4. Take photos outside
  5.  Look at nature
  6. Take a walk
  7. Meditate
  8. Try something new
  9. Listen to music
  10. Write in a journal
  11. Talk with friends
  12. Read a book
  13. Listen to a podcast/speech
  14. Take a break from technology
  15. action-plan-brainstorming-complex-212286.jpg

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