Media Writing – Reflection

Coming back to my reflection posts, I’ll take a moment to review my time in my media writing course. I enjoyed this class for many different reasons. My most unexpected joy happened to be getting two interviews together outside of school for some of our projects. It was something I didn’t really expect to have for an assignment, but I’m glad I got the experience.

In a way, media writing has forced me out of my comfort zone, Especially with these blog posts. Reading and writing should always be a constant part of our everyday life, yet it seems like we tend to forget to do so. I plan on making more posts, writing more material, and reading more articles and books in the future. The practice has sort of boosted my creativity by taking me through a process that I haven’t thoroughly practiced.

All in all, media writing was definitely a class that I will reflect upon. As this course involved a lot of typing, I don’t have any projects to share like my usual image uploads. Perhaps I’ll find something in my folder that I can use for a separate blog post. Until next time!



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