Design Trends – 2018

I’m not sure how, but graphic design has truly evolved over the past year, making it an exciting time to be a designer. Over time, styles such as friendly typography, bright/vivid colors, minimalist art, shapes, geometry, contrasting color schemes, duotones, and much much more are all collectively contributing to a truly beautiful new movement in style. From billboards to Spotify to modern magazines, it’s almost impossible not to get hooked on this new age of design.

What I love most about the graphics styles of 2018 is the fact that art has never played such a bigger role than it is today. Compositions are welcoming charming, yet simple faces or characters within the rest of the content. I’m really hoping design continues to push in this direction, as the line between art and design blurs ever so closely together. The use of typography and color schemes should also be noted at just how pleasing it is to look at. Take a peek at some examples I found from google:

100 Blog_01046x616_December_trendsWEB_EmergingTrends_Illustration.jpegimage17

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