Grant Beilke Radio

Over the past couple of months, my comedic brother has been relaying his sense of humor, style, and musical taste through Instagram’s music in stories feature. Anyone with an account is able to upload an image, and by going to the sticker page, are able to then search songs and place and post them for listening pleasure. My brother has taken this step further by creating a whole theme around his music sharing: Grant Beilke Radio. The idea is that by pretending his tune-sharing stories act as a radio station, it gives off a bit more humor.

Needless to say, I was excited when my brother asked me if I could design a logo that would further turn “Grant Beilke Radio” into something that looked a little more professional. Using a color scheme and images he provided, I was able to create a neon themed logo. And after adding some outer glow effects, it gave the design a whole new breath of fresh air. We placed a PNG file on an aesthetic city image with an artboard that perfectly fits vertical phone screens. Have a look:

Artboard 1.jpg

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