Media Presentation – Reflection

With my course reflection posts coming to a halt, I’ll take a quick minute to explain how my media presentation class has affected me. Not only have speeches and demonstrations been a problem for me before, but it seems like every new scenario involving me talking in front of others has never gone as smoothly as I hoped it would. Media presentations not only made us better presenters, but for me personally, I think it was a turning point in the way I talk in front of a crowd.

I’ve said it before, but I’m still astonished at how long ago August has truly felt. I believe our class only did about six or seven different presentations, yet the distance between each of them took no time at all. I think my confidence and rise in motivation has helped me annunciate or speak more clearly this year. Media presentations was definitely an enjoyable course for me in that regard. I will always practice speaking in front of others to perfect my demonstration skills. And as for samples of classwork, most of my material was verbal. However, I have a handout from one assignment that can be shared:


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