New Media Development – Reflection

Out of all the classes I took this year, this one was one of the most challenging for me. Last year involved me desperately trying to learn how Adobe Dreamweaver worked and this year was quite similar. Nothing made the course unfair or boring, as it simply comes down to my lack of coding skills. I really respect and appreciate how modern web developers are shaping and creating web pages. Unfortunately, I’ve got some practice to do.

In a way, new media development, just like my media writing class, is forcing me out of my comfort zone. Coding has been a struggle for me, as I mostly rely on my visual drive. It’s so easy to just drag and drop elements without a line of code in a program such as Adobe Illustrator. I’ve gotten to use to its simplicity, and I feel I fall behind a little when it comes time to make elements from coding. Luckily, I have a great instructor and friends who can easily help or show me how to fix something whenever I get stuck. I just hope that I can practice and get better at web design in the near future.

As for my work samples, I don’t really have much I feel I need to display. Most of my website stuff is built within Adobe Dreamweaver. However, I do have some samples I created from a fake app publication project that I’d like to share. Just some mockup samples and fake personas created for a Sioux Falls transit app idea I had.



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