The Designer’s Curse

By reading this title, you may be wondering what I am referring to. One of the only issues about becoming a graphic designer is the overwhelming amount of attention I pay to logos, packaging, and printing. Any time I see something that was designed and or produced, I can’t help but overanalyze it. My brain starts trying to match font’s and color schemes while simultaneously figuring out how the composition was built.

While I’ll try and keep this short and simple, I can’t help but explain this “curse” so-to-speak. Graphic design is super fun, yet the dual-edged sword of the deal is that you can’t help but notice flaws within other work. I believe a lot of designer’s enjoy work when they have to process and think about how something was made. It gives us something to be inspired by. And with that being said, I can safely say that overanalyzing is both a blessing and a curse.


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