The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Today marks a special day, as it was my very last class before winter break. And for some reason, it just hit me that I only have six months until I graduate with my associate’s degree. I simply cannot believe that the past year and a half have gone by so quickly. Part of me feels ready, yet there’s also an overwhelming sense of unknown fear of possibility. I like to think that the rest of my class and I have worked very hard to be where we are today.

One thing that saddens me is to see how many students we’ve lost along the way. This is very true regarding all of the digital media productions students. For anyone who doesn’t know, digital media productions (DMP) revolves around film, animation, and 3D building. DMP goes hand in hand with our media design department. It’s very unfortunate to see how people we’ve gotten to know suddenly have left. Whether it was lack of funds, family matters, or failing grades, it’s taken a good chunk of our students.

On the brighter side, I feel as if those of us remaining have become closer as a result. I remember being so shy last year, whereas now I’m one of the most talkative students in class. With everything that tries to push me back, I try to push back twice as hard. I’m hoping to continue my education with every ounce of motivation I have left.


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