Social Media Strategies

It’s not uncommon nor surprising to see that advertising and marketing have turned to social media. With the evergrowing usage of smartphones, it’s clear that America is focused on its technology. In class three weeks ago, I gave a presentation on social media strategies. What I learned from my research was that there are many methods to help efficiently market across different platforms. If applications such as Instagram and Facebook are building businesses, it’s important to understand what is being done right.

Without boring you with every possible aspect of engaging your audience, I think it would be more appropriate to leave you with the same handout I provided for my classmates. However, I would like to stress the importance of utilizing insight tools. Using the standard insights that Instagram provides with business accounts, I am ultimately able to grow my brand and connect with my followers much easier.

Identifying your target audience should always be the first step into any sort of marketing. A following is your core support who will be seeing your content and must stay connected to it if they are interested in doing so. Keep this group of people in mind whenever you plan on posting anything and the rest will come through. By actively remembering your audience and making promotional choices based on their interests, you will ultimately be catering to the right people.

Take a look at a summary of crucial social media strategies: 


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